X-Transbots MX-27 Janssen Masterpiece Perceptor Figure Review!!!

2022.01.22 14:26 BillyTheKidNBSTR X-Transbots MX-27 Janssen Masterpiece Perceptor Figure Review!!!

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2022.01.22 14:26 youthisreadwrong- LPT: Before visiting the dentist, use lip balm or some lubricant like Vaseline on your lips and the sides of your lips. This will prevent your lips from drying up and cracking in case your mouth is open for extended periods of time.

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2022.01.22 14:26 taintblister What y’all think of my strawberry boye tattoo

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2022.01.22 14:25 islieb Schnellstmöglich

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2022.01.22 14:25 KareemAbdulJafar_ The QC - Locked up (2022)

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2022.01.22 14:25 Gartem1 Hi all! I released a game on Play Market. I'd like to know what you think of it? Is it worth to develop it further? I would be grateful for constructive feedback

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2022.01.22 14:25 symbikiwi Weird dream about my messy home

I had a dream that I won a few days in a hotel, but I kept it so messy just like my house. Basically like if you took a trash bag and emptied it around the house. And one day I came back, and there was an event at the hotel in the room I was staying and I was so anxious but the room was clean. I went to see the girls working and started crying asking them if they had to clean the room, and they said they didn’t, the cleanup crew did and they never saw the room before. I went to find the supervisor of the cleanup crew and when I went to him I said I think you had to clean my room today, and he just turned around to leave. I asked him to stay and started crying again, saying I was so sorry. He said that it was the worst room he ever had to clean and told me it looked like a drug addicts house. I said I dont do drugs, im just depressed because I lost my brother, my dad and then my mom (which is true irl) and that it was just hard to do tasks like cleaning. He forgave me and then idk what happened the rest of the dream. What could it mean?
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2022.01.22 14:25 Many_Sign2901 Complete Breakdown Of File Types In Graphic Design

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2022.01.22 14:25 CommentToBeDeleted When you finally get code reviewed after 4+ years working there.

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2022.01.22 14:25 nowthatsucks This subreddit has an increasing "Concern trolling" problem. You active posters may help alleviate it

What is a concern troll you may ask? Well the definition from the top two google results are:

So regarding /JordanPeterson it would mean someone who acts as a supporter of Jordan Peterson but then raises concerns on Jordan Peterson is somehow bad, or going bad, or was always bad, or is doing something bad.
Want a practical example? https://i.imgur.com/jELBePm.png
And he's definitely not the only one and because /JordanPeterson is a free-speech zone and moderators don't want to censor for concern trolling, it's up to you to use every tool available to dismantle those trolls and push their content below.
Why? So #1 this sub doesn't become like the Dave Rubin sub where every normal person and supporter stops visiting the sub when they realize concern troll/haters hijacked the sub and made it toxic. So what can you do?
  1. You always downvote the concern trolling that doesn't add anything to the discussion,
  2. You reply that they're concern trolling and not adding anything of substance to the discussion.
  3. You upvote substantive content that adds to the discussion, even substantive criticism of Jordan Peterson that's not just concern trolling or hating without explanations given. I'm not here to tell you no one can criticize Jordan Peterson
What about real supporters of Jordan Peterson who leave simple hate with no explanation given?
  1. Yeah you should downvote this as well if they don't back up their allegations, concern trolls and haters will upvote this non-quality content which is detrimental for the sub.
  2. But if the comment has a fair critique supported with evidence, you can even upvote that, no one is saying Jordan Peterson should be immune to criticism.
Concern trolls aren't here in good faith, they will downvote quality content and upvote their concern trolling, making most threads have a top comment like: "Jordan is unwell", "Wow I can't believe Jordan dared retweeting that", while burying quality discussion below, and making top discussion have 0 quality.
It's simple, if you want to keep the quality of sub, you have to take action.
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2022.01.22 14:25 General_Tiger_1104 for someone looking to get into high finance later. Is it good to take M.sc Eco at bits or take a normal 4 year degree course and then do an mba or can i do an mba after M.sc Eco from somewhere abroad.

It's always been something i wanted to do in my life. I just wanted some advice on a viable career path. I heard that bulge bracket banks do come to bits and i thought some of you guys could help me
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2022.01.22 14:25 Relevant-Suit-390 Ninja Noun Punks NFT is out here to show the true advantage of NFT. With perfect Roadmap backed with marketing professionals working all hours, Ninja Noun Punks is going to shake the world and all investors are happy to have more>>> Check the COMMENT.

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2022.01.22 14:25 Strange_Wraps notify me

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2022.01.22 14:25 ShutShutShutUp Why is Neons Ult so Overpowered?

It just feels so OP when ur tryna fight against it, and it would be cool if sum1 could explain it to me...
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2022.01.22 14:25 slylockbot Slylock Fox And Comics For Kids 01/22/2022

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2022.01.22 14:25 Arifairy22 Honest opinions [self 24F]

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2022.01.22 14:25 bjornoya best art in the game

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2022.01.22 14:25 Altruistic_Second_50 Holding strong 😭😭😭 , #dogecoin

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2022.01.22 14:25 succachode Is there an AnCap argument for UBI?

Disclaimer: this post isn’t about HOW UBI could be properly implemented, just WHY I think we should look into it as a legitimate economic policy.
Pretty strong libertarian, so try to be open minded in considering this and hear me out. I think the markets regulate themselves and holding businesses to a standard of earning profits allows the market to weed out unproductive or outdated businesses and replace them with more innovative industries who are able to create demand for their products and the jobs they provide.
However, I don’t think a truly free market could ever be implemented unless a form of universal basic income was put in place. You can’t reasonably make demands of your employer if he can fire you at any point and take away your livelihood. You can’t “vote with your dollar” if you can only afford 1 brand. It’s extremely difficult to get out of debt that is incurred to try to make ends meet, and barely making ends meet isn’t being free financially, even if you’re technically in a free market (which we really aren’t but it’s as close as we’ll get any time soon).
Do you really have a right to life if you can’t afford to live? Do you really have a right to Liberty if you’re only presented one viable choice? Is people trapped in poverty working towards granting the right of a pursuit of happiness?
What I think is the economic argument for UBI:
Why I think taxing the rich to pay for it isn’t immoral: No matter what the government does, it inherently influences the market. No matter what laws they set, or policies they propose that creates speculation and influences investments, they are manipulating the markets in a way they beneficial to certain industries/ companies. Companies focused on green energy, space travel, or are failing but seen as essential to the economy all see government subsidies and contracts paid for through direct contracts with the government. Laws like the lockdown and vaccine mandates benefit distributing companies and big pharma. If you don’t agree with these things this is obviously using your money (through taxes) to fund things you choose not to purchase/support. Even IF you DO agree with everything the government has done, you also have to concede the argument it inherently benefits already big business. This means that no matter the corporation, no matter the good or service they provide, our government plays a part in ensuring they become successful, so they didn’t actually EARN every dollar they made. The government facilitate markets to produce favorable conditions to their industry/business. This cannot be helped, even under a system of extremely limited government involvement in the market.
Why I think this wealth redistribution would benefit the economy: Once everybody has a base rate to keep them out of poverty, we can truly have a $0 minimum wage, and a truly free market (meaning you could purchase goods/services overseas easier too). You don’t actually need the money to survive, you just need it for extra luxuries. A UBI would put money in the hands of consumers that need spending power the most. It would give the economy a “spending floor,” and somewhat of a “savings ceiling” for corporations so it would play the part government tries to play in regulating the rate which the economy fluctuates. It could also replace welfare, which is a trap with an earnings ceiling. It would replace it with an earnings floor, as much money as you make, you won’t be disqualified for UBI unless you’re in the top percentage of earners in the country. People with disgusting or degrading manual labor jobs will either have enough money to either demand better conditions, or quit and let the demand for these jobs increase, increasing the pay rate of these jobs.
It would also change the way we look at an employee. We could be an economy of freelancers that puts the fruits of the labor in the hands of the worker, not the person who owns the business. You can actually negotiate pay rates, and hours. You could get paid by the job as opposed to depending on an hourly wage or yearly salary to pay your bills. Spending 8 hours at a job to do 2 hours worth of work as opposed to having 3 jobs that each do 2 hours worth of work would be way more beneficial on both ends. You could pursue an education and make ends meet with a $5/hr part time position as an assistant in the field you’re studying.
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2022.01.22 14:25 lethal_pessimism Thanos x YOda - epic)))

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2022.01.22 14:25 slylockbot Slylock Fox And Comics For Kids 01/22/2022

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2022.01.22 14:25 CapoDonna4520 Would you rather?

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2022.01.22 14:25 NatiDas Streak 2: If it weren’t for music I’d only knew one language

Music has always been my main motivation to learn a language. Almost thirty years ago I started studying English just because of Michael Jackson. But it was love at first time with this beautiful language. Since then, most things in my life are English although I live in a Spanish speaking country. I even got used to English layout keyboards on computers. And a couple of years ago I fell in love again. This time with Mandarin because of Taiwanese hip hop. I’ve discovered such amazing musicians, an incredible culture, and a beautiful country. I even became a fan of Taiwan. Haha. Next step: Korean. Korean rappers are also so good. And Hangul is the best alphabet ever. The grammar, not that much. :P But I don’t think I’ll fall in love again. My heart belongs to English and Chinese. :)
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2022.01.22 14:25 Altair1776 Here's my concern about the crash: Tether

Tether's printing press has long been the White Knight there to prop up the crypto market. I never believed it was legit, but I benefitted from it, so I didn't worry too much about it.
But there's been a lot of talk that such an obvious scam wouldn't just be allowed to exist and that it had instead been co-opted and controlled by the government. Kind of a "you keep operating, and we won't put you in jail, but you have to do what we say" arrangement.
My concern now is that Tether has been very quiet during this crash, which also happens to have coincided with the Fed announcing their plans for their own stablecoin. My concerns are heightened by reports that large Hedge Funds have been the ones exiting the crypto market.
It looks worryingly to me like the big and powerful have decided to take their profits and allow the small crypto buyers to be left holding the bag. Is there any evidence suggesting otherwise?
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2022.01.22 14:25 Wapulatus Respect Death Knights (Overlord, Light Novel)

The gate opened, and the figures who emerged were...
—All noise ceased.
A strange atmosphere and a heavy silence dominated the space. It was as ifthe sound of stillness had flooded the area. The five hundred soldiers appeared. It was a paltry amount compared to the empire’s sixty thousand. But it was impossible to underestimate a single one of them.
The odd forces arrayed before them spoke louder than words.
“This is my army.” Ainz merrily introduced his troops to the speechless onlookers.
Death Knights Background Of all his summoned creatures, none could be said to be as reliable as Ainz's Death Knights. While they're relatively low-leveled compared to the kinds of enemies encountered for high-level players in Yggdrasil, they had a lineup of special abilities that made them perfect for how high-level players often used summons, that being bait to draw out enemy attacks.
In the New World, however, Death Knights are legendary undead among legendary undead - singular individuals of them are considered to be capable of leaving entire cities in ruin when attacking them, and sorcerers who have reached the realm of Heroes lack sufficient skills to control one of them.
Source Guide The official English translation of Overlord is used for this respect thread when applicable. Feats from material that are not currently officially translated utilize fan translations - these will be updated as more material gets translated.
Light Novel feats are sourced with Volume and Chapter. Side stories are sourced with their full name.
General Info Physical Feats Strength Speed Durability Skills and Abilities Undead Attributes
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