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2021.11.29 09:05 huohes green stogg

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2021.11.29 09:05 plioustm Lovely Couple

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2021.11.29 09:05 Disastrous_Cellist_4 neco arc

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2021.11.29 09:05 biqyriu Upgraded Tic Tac Toe

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2021.11.29 09:05 Danyfresh Together 🖤

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2021.11.29 09:05 ezyfitness How to do ab wheel rollouts effectively

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2021.11.29 09:05 Ziatoro The not so starter Giveaway

Hello, I hope everyone has been enjoying the game I have finally managed to get myself three shinies using masuda method and have tones of breedjects some perfects and most have 4-5ivs.
Anyways onto the giveaway please post your room codes and I will do my utmost best to deliver them quickly to you. Please do not DM me for the Pokémon I will not respond.
All Pokémon will have ID NO: 491199 And OT: Zia

Pokémon Ball type Number in Stock Nature
Turtwig Nest Ball 50 Sassy
Murkrow Heal Ball 35 Most Random other Adamant like 10 or so
Magnemite Premiere Ball 80 Quiet
Please do not spam the comments, You are allowed to ask for a max of 2. I don't mind if you ask for specific genders I will try and accommodate as many as I can.
I will also reply to your post when I am coming for the trade so you dont waste your time waiting. I will wait for 2-4 min before I skip you incase I do not see you.
PS: Would also appreciate recommendations for the next 3 Pokémon shinies I should hunt for that would also fit the team TYVM.
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2021.11.29 09:05 funtonite [Thank You] for the Xmas cards

I hope you have good cheers and unforgettable moments. I plan to take a good vacation! The 3D stickers are so cute! And the tape on the envelope is so nice! The stamps are so cool too!
u/cswl x2
What a nice envelope, and two cards! How special! As for what I'll be eating, not super sure. Maybe I'll make some soup. I always loved sparkling apple cider as a kid. I haven't looked for it here since I moved so I'll have to see about it. My triumphs this week! I did a deep clean of my apartment. Feels much nicer. I usually just do some sweeping and call it a day. I need to talk with my sister a lot more actually!! Haven't seen my family since the pandemic started. But I've got plenty of friends here!
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2021.11.29 09:05 AnusFrey Mouse recommendation.

Hey, have just bought a legion 5 pro and need to order a mouse. What would you recommend? Ideally with a budget of about £30/40.
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2021.11.29 09:05 Kamiccolo255 Friend is being scammed! How do we convince her that her boyfriend is fake?

My girlfriend's friend has been in a relationship for the past few years with someone she's never met. They live in the same country, but he keeps making excuses for why now is not the right time for them to meet. When he runs out of excuses, he's said that he doesn't want to come just for a quick visit because he won't want to leave, so he's waiting until he can come and be with her for good. His facebook profile doesn't have a name, or a picture of him. Everything else is hidden, except for his likes which is a few pages of shops in her home town that he's used to buy her gifts. Those are the only things he's liked.
It's clear to us that he's not real and this must be some type of scam, but she has completely fallen for him. He's sent lots of gifts, which makes her believe he's genuine, and I think he has done video chats with her too although all the photos she posts of him look like a photoshopped model.
He's already had her give him money to invest in their business he's started, and has said he's going to buy her a house too so has a lot of her private information. But even with the risk of losing money or a bad credit score I worry the worst part is how he's starting to isolate her so she'll only trust him. He's told her that he's friends with someone in the FBI and they tracked suspicious posts that were spreading nasty rumors about her, tracking the posts back to her family members. She trusts him completely, and believes what he's said, so now she is pushing away members of her family. I don't know the full reasons behind this but suspect they may have been questioning the relationship and she mentioned it to him, so he found a way to turn her against them.
My girlfriend and other friends are trying to stay supportive of the relationship despite thinking it's fake. We're worried if we speak out against him, she will stick by him and push us away. We need as much evidence as possible before we can try to convince her. But because of this we've found it difficult to get more information from her to prove he's not real and is scamming her.
A few years feels like a really long time for a scam and I've been looking at a lot of websites for typical romance scams, but this seems more complicated. Any advice you could give would be much appreciated. Could anyone enlighten me to what his end goal might be that would leave her realizing she's been screwed over and he's not real? Or what information should we be after to prove to her this is all fake before she reaches that point?
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2021.11.29 09:05 Pale-Inflation-1696 Winner takes all

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2021.11.29 09:05 ChrisX_212 Wondering when would be a good time to return to Unranked play after awhile...

I've been playing with Dota bots with Ranked AI from the Workshops, trying to get the feel of Dota back to me after years of absence and trying out several heroes that I never once tried (such as Ursa, PA, to name a few. I had a very limited choice of heroes back then). And additionally from there, I've also been training things like more last hitting, creep blocking, jungling in spare time if lane is pushed to their tower (but unfortunately, even those bots do not wander into jungles so I couldn't practice jungle safety and warding), and playing mid, paying attention to when runes spawn and how to capitalize on it.
I wonder if I'm ready to return to unranked game with others? (Can't play ranked until I played 100 unranked games) I feel like there's still a lot to learn, like more mid-plays, when to farm as an off-laner when you pushed the wave to their tower, or... even more heroes to learn. Because... well, bots never pick more advanced heroes.
What do you think, learn the rest in unranked game or stay holed with bots while practicing the other basics?
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2021.11.29 09:05 qpFacts Typical Apex Random (And Why The Game Sucks)

They rush someone who is camping and/or has high ground.
Then they expect you to fucking transform into Aceu and simultaneously revive them while killing all 3 enemies.
Game needs a 1v1 or something man I am genuinely tired.
Game pairs me with idiots, I give them tips like "Don't rush campers."
And what do they do? They rush the campers anyway, and since I'm the only decent player on my team most times, I'm the one who get fucking T-Bagged and Body Shot for my teammates brainless actions.
.....might be time to just delete this game for good.
I always wanna play Apex until I actually start playing it and just get teammates who can't even damage enemies, they just run up, die, then the enemies take the chance to gang me.
Over and over, every Arena game (I mainly play Arenas, less RNG)
Game's matchmaking is never gonna change, so might be time to just go.
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2021.11.29 09:05 Free_Signature7799 Heart failure

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2021.11.29 09:05 YTLinkerBot Her Only Choice | Full Heartfelt Drama Movie

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2021.11.29 09:05 Opening-Ad-1794 Commission Request - $150 ~ $200 Custom League of Legends Character Artwork

Hello everyone, I am searching for an artist to commission a high quality custom League of Legends artwork. The reason I came here instead of HungryArtists is because of the anime art aesthetic I want instead of a realistic depiction. My budget is above. Please send me your portfolio and I would love to work out a deal with yall. The work needs to be done before the 20th of December.
For reference the two characters will be Renekton and Lulu. To be Precise BlackFrost Renekton and Cosmic Lulu.
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2021.11.29 09:05 Nidken Warhammer and Great Axe Nerfs 1.11

Greetings Adventurers. For some time the Great Axe and Warhammer have dominated a majority of PvP and PvE situations. Due to their unmatched combination of durability, crowd-control and damage, these two weapons have forced other unique build combinations out of the spotlight. The ability to express yourself uniquely within New World is something we care a lot about, and as a result, we have decided to adjust the strength of the Great Axe and Warhammer to bring it more in-line with other weapons. We thank you for your continued feedback and support and we look forward to seeing you in Aeternum.
Great Axe Basic Attack: Light-attack tracking range reduced by 30%.

Reducing the range of the Great Axe attack lunge will provide a reason for retreating enemies to manage their stamina and dodge to safety. We hope this change encourages Great Axe players to learn use more than their index finger.
Charge: Range reduced from 10m > 8m
In its current state, Charge makes the Great Axe more mobile than most Dexterity weapons. This is a bug, and was unintentional. As a result, we have slightly reduced the range of the ability.
Blood Lust: Range reduced from 15m > 12m
This passive in combination with abilities like Charge, Reap and Gravity Well made the Great Axe incredibly oppressive to deal with for any player who did not run multiple mobility skills in their build. Reducing the range of Blood Lust will ensure that players who successfully avoided those abilities will be able to maintain safety for some time. Great Axe users who had Execute slotted before this patch will be compensated with 50k gold for having some dignity. Congratulations.
Warhammer Shockwave: [Meteoric Crater] Enemies within 4m are also stunned > staggered.
Shockwave was too powerful in organized PvP situations where multiple Shockwave’s could be chained together to stun-lock an entire capture point. Reducing the range of the stun should provide the freedom for other melee players to use the Trading Post while it is still available.
Path of Destiny: Reduced Range and Radius of attack by 30%
The idea behind Path of Destiny was to create an ability that made a cool echo in caves. Although the Warhammer is weak to well timed dodges, Path of Destiny’s three stagger zones made dodging inconsistent, especially in server-demanding scenarios where player count was larger than 1. We decided to reduce Path of Destiny’s range to make it less viable to use while wearing a blindfold.
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2021.11.29 09:05 sejakselalu ITAP of a rundown fence

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2021.11.29 09:05 rahoo_reddit Unpopular opinion: I think removing post game chat is a great desicion.

Yea im tired of being told to kill myself by a gloden scyth mordexes at post game chat. It affects my enjoyment with the game and I am glad random people cant cry and tell me I am shit because they lost in a game. And this type of shit happens because of toxicity and taunts in pro play (yea Sandstorm its you). Not to mention a lot of the player base is young and it can really affect badly some people. We as a community need to promote healthy and fun gameplay, not harrasement, toxicity and rage. There I said it
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2021.11.29 09:05 etothe_ipi On Philosophical Disorders (an Optimize Everything post by Spencer Greenberg)
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2021.11.29 09:05 Alex-Shir good ending?

#LifeIsStrange2 I guess some persons would like a few more endings of the "Life is strange 2". OK, here is the good fan ending "Superwolves brothers" :) Thanks for the arts guys from Deviant and @JohnsonTerminal
and mass-media, huh)
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2021.11.29 09:05 March_Explorer 感染omicron主要3大症狀曝光

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2021.11.29 09:05 freyablackstar Scrungy Cat sees all on top of fridge

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2021.11.29 09:05 newroeliedude554 It turns out using necromancy, the souls of ancient Exodite Warriors and the bodies of a hundred long-dead space marines works to scare of even ultra Marines.

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2021.11.29 09:05 Bonus1Fact How Taliban deals with Afghanistan drug addicts ¦ RT International

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