2021.10.23 17:21 kkk12ghfanboy XD

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2021.10.23 17:21 mslizmarie My Homes are driving me batty! (Halloween pun intended)

Seriously, though. We've got quite a few Homes setup throughout our home. For the past ~2 weeks, they've taken turns glitching (garbled playback), not being identifiable, dropping internet connection, etc. Driving me crazy!! I've tried resetting router, removing & relinking device(s), resetting device(s), removing groups, etc. To no avail. It continues.
Any recommendations?? I've heard Google support isn't great so trying to troubleshoot as much as possible before going to them.
Our devices range from old model of Homes, old & new models of Home Minis, most recent Google Max, and Google Home Hub.
I'm at a loss.
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2021.10.23 17:21 AggressiveCompany523 NBA Highlights | Lakers vs. Suns | Suns beat Lakers! Altercation with AD & Dwight!

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2021.10.23 17:21 ohanotherpasserby Advice/ tips for top laner (Karasu Tengu)?

Advice/ tips for top laner (Karasu Tengu)? submitted by ohanotherpasserby to OnmyojiArena [link] [comments]


One thing many people under-estimate with Shiba Inu is the " token burn " and This is exactly why SHIBA INU wont need a STUPID amount of money to come into the market cap for it to go up significantly ... its the most Trash FUD ever when it comes to Shiba.
i Just wanted to point out this Recent Price move was because of a Token burn .... Can u guys imagine the effect when the NFT ( $36 Billion ) Token Burn takes place ? Not to forget Shib has its OWN Blockchain coming and i am pretty sure alot of us dont Stake our Shiba because of the stupid GAS Fee's... i Would think alot of Shiba Holders will Stake there Bags when the time comes.
The last thing i want to say is YES Shiba inu will make alot of People very nice Gains, But The HARDEST Challenge we will face in this journey is Being able to Hold for a long period of time even though Shiba has gone up So much already... Your Mind will Play Games on you, and make you want to Cash out.. So honestly If its life changing money, TAKE IT, Cash it out... Dont feel bad about it, Because there is ALWAYS another Crypto. But if u just got into Shiba and x2 or maybe you Triple your money, Dont Cash out, HOLD the SHIB, COS THERE IS MUCH MORE TO COME 🐕 🐕
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2021.10.23 17:21 autobot_9000 @islandpeachy: RT @goldenmirmy: able’s sisters 🍃 another before & after 🙈 #acnh #acnhdesign #acnhinspo #animalcrossing #ACNHDesigns #beforeandafter #ACNHDirect https://t.co/ejDtuRWvZa

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2021.10.23 17:21 j_mau19 What weight oil are you running in your manual transmission?

I’ve been running the Honda OEM manual transmission fluid in my 2013 Fit for a few months but haven’t been very happy with the feel of the shifting. Im curious about using a different weight oil to improve that feeling.
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2021.10.23 17:21 blue-moon-motel cn u kiss me more

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2021.10.23 17:21 dprinbvnvbn $FCF - French Connection the Sleeping Giant |Automated BNB$ reflections every 24hours| 2.5M mc | SOLID project | Doxxed Team| Audited| | A Real Use Case!




Here's what we are building in our ecosystem!

FCF Pay (Easy credit card to crypto online payment processing application)

The main problem in world wide cryptocurrency adoption is it's non-friendly user applications. French Connection Finance is developing a payment processing application that would allow any credit card holder to use cryptocurrency as a payment method while using their credit card in the same way they do it everyday! (Encrypted and annonymous credit card payments on the internet!)( THE PAYPAL OF CRYPTO)


FCF$ have already created the world's first NFT collection security vault! Unruggable and unhackable! Legitimate NFT collection creators will host their NFT collection and renounce their ownership by locking them into the NForT through our API and secured for a lifetime!


•FCF$ is about to release the first of its kind marketing platform for BSC tokens.

FCF World Connect

FCF world connect is a major secret Dapp that will revolutionize the De-Fi world. We are keeping this project super secretive until it's full release. (Beta version will be tested in April 2022) Stay tuned!

FCF Raffle

$FCF daily raffle is being developed right now and will be available on September 8th 2021! You could win daily prizes as NFT/BNB OR FCF$. Be in it to win it!

FCF De-Fi Wallet

FCF De-Fi wallet will be launched in december. FCF wallet will allow all the $FCF community to access to the $FCF ecosystem in 1 click! Trade and buy crypto with ease!


• 2% Marketing

•5% Dividend pool

• 3% Liquidity pool

• Transaction limit (Anti-whale dumps)

• Buy back feature

FCF Supply : 100 000 000 000 $FCF and 8% burned already!

Marketcap is 3,000,000$ (SUPER EARLY IN A LONG TERM PROJECT)

Contract Address: 0xCD0664a86B587f671b4af36fa99112b676a6c012

Official Sites:

💭 Telegram: https://t.me/frenchconnection_bsc

🌐 WEBSITE: https://frenchconnection.finance/
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2021.10.23 17:21 PigletSignificant KGet "Mirror Search" Plugin

This isn't OpenSUSE specific, but does ANYONE know how to structure the URL segment for this Plugin?
I can't find documentation anywhere, and I have several search engines and mirror sites I'd like to add.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.23 17:21 rvmeysa Home footage of Lady Diana Spencer, later the Princess of Wales, as a toddler dancing ballet.

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2021.10.23 17:21 Large-Manufacturer-6 Finally the day has come…

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2021.10.23 17:21 saltstonelavalamp 23 [F4R] The Netherlands, voice chat

I would like to voice chat with someone! Just text me if you want that too!
Talk to you soon.
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2021.10.23 17:21 BSF_Bot Richard Seymour being inducted into New England Patriots Hall of Fame - WCVB Boston

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2021.10.23 17:21 Quiet-Fact Willing to giveaway a free spare Shiny Zacian for a free spare Shiny Zamazenta

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2021.10.23 17:21 Rns236 What opinion of GOW puts you in this position?

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2021.10.23 17:21 MooseHeadDrinkMOAR I Tried VATSIM. Now I'm Addicted.

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2021.10.23 17:21 smartybrome Vue 3 Desde Cero

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2021.10.23 17:21 L3nb0 [UK] [BUYING] One Piece Box Set 3

Looking to buy The third One Piece Box Set at around MSRP
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2021.10.23 17:21 BSF_Bot Banged Up Boston Bruins Send Out Call To Jack Studnicka - Boston Hockey Now

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2021.10.23 17:21 0_percent_wrong Moonlight on the 1st fairway. T - 1hr to tee off. Year round golf in a rain forest.

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2021.10.23 17:21 unbecoming___ I think caffeine should be a prescription medication and that Starbucks is a super-massive corporate cartel

Caffeine is one of these drugs that we don’t recognize as a drug. People get incredibly high on it every day to the point where they need it in morning to function properly. It has an incredible capacity to create physical and psychological dependence.
Businesses take advantage of this dependence by charges insane premiums for delicious products containing the drug.
Not only that but The come down from caffeine is horrible, at least a week of incredible exhaustion and near depressive symptoms with viscous headaches from your blood vessels finally being allowed to dilate. It destroys any cardiovascular fitness you may have built up until that point.
I think we need to reconsider caffeine as a widespread recreational drug. I have less of a problem with drugs like weed because you don’t necessarily need it to function, in fact the reverse is true.
I used to take adderall everyday, and I can tell you that the discontinuation of chronic adderall use doesnt compare to the psychosomatic depression and pain you experience from chronic caffeine withdrawal.
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2021.10.23 17:21 Messsyfloor I Shortened Fate Apocrypha Episode 2

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2021.10.23 17:21 RunningWithTheBoys Need opinions about new story direction

So my current sim play is a male witch living in a patriarchal society. He and his wife are getting old (already elders, but elders can still get pregnant in my game) and so far they have one daughter who does not have any magical witch powers, which is fine because she's a girl lol. His wife, however, has 10 logic and likes to occasionally find stars in the sky, which is why it surprised me when they both went to their friend's party together, and when the wife left home early HE GOT ABDUCTED BY ALIENS ON A NEIGHBOR'S LOT! He came back pregnant. I kept the baby. It was a boy. A BOY! Should I make it the new heir? I don't know if I'll be able to get my sims to have a new baby in time (I only regular woohoo them when they wish to, which is quite frequent, and I use replace woohoo w/ try for baby to leave it up to fate.) Alien new master race? Is it considered a hybrid? Does this mean my alien can potentially birth a witch in the future? :O If I am somehow able to birth a boy before they die and it's miraculously a witch, how do I determine between the alien and the witch who will take over? Battle royale?? They're both technically his sons. Is this the movie Thor?

What would you do??
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2021.10.23 17:21 Cappu156 Help - what does this passage mean in P&P?

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