Is anyone’s Nook’s selling books?

2021.10.23 16:56 amalgamatedson Is anyone’s Nook’s selling books?

And if’n they are, could I swing by to buy some?
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2021.10.23 16:56 Gupgups I got my first nepenthes and it came in really good condition i planted it in 50/50 vermiculite and perlite, i put it in my greenhouse and a pitcher is turning black :( is being over fed?

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2021.10.23 16:56 finn6183 Boon balanced?

I am a killer main so I do have some bias on this topic, but I am curious if the new boon mechanic is considered balanced by the community. In my opinion, the new boon perks, are too powerful considering that they are yet another objective that the killer has to worry about. On top of that, survivors can keep putting them up infinitely, and there’s nothing the killer can do about it.
Circle of healing isn’t too bad, but shadow step makes a significantly large safe zone for survivors. If the killer wants any chance of winning chases or catching survivors in this area, they must snuff it, but it’s just as easy for the survivor to bless it again.
The only way I’ve found to consistently beat it is to target and tunnel the survivor I suspect brought it, which should not be an encouraged strategy.
Overall, I wouldn’t call them ‘overpowered’ but they definitely need some sort of limit or restriction. Maybe tokens that deplete each time you bless a totem, Idk.
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2021.10.23 16:56 Emotional_Pound_1705 Just got married to my husband and wife

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2021.10.23 16:56 No_Dare_84 I've just tired little a bit.

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2021.10.23 16:56 xlollypoppyx Purple rash/spots on breast - no itching - what could these be?

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2021.10.23 16:56 Jxrdxz Pack one with me 🤘🏽

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2021.10.23 16:56 adriaticfrost Is this radio going to fit? The curved shape that boarders the current radio is concerning me. 2000 chevy impala.

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2021.10.23 16:56 drjudgement44 New social drinking app

A new app called beer-me I created. It's a fun way to ask the boys out drinking. I coded it all using python. Any thoughts?
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2021.10.23 16:56 Upscaled-Enhanced pokies

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2021.10.23 16:56 Stonewise How dare you decline a $2 order!

Maybe I’m off base here but I’ve been paying close attention to this for the past few weeks. I deliver UberEats in a semi-large market and every single time I decline an order or cancel an accepted order my trip requests come to a compete stop for an hour or two! I seriously thought this was all in my head but as I stated I’ve paid close attention to this as of late. Yesterday in the dead center of my usual lunch rush I get a $2.58 trip request, which for one is absolutely ridiculous to begin with considering it was a 7 mile trip and gas is $3.19/gal here, so without hesitation I declined. Up until this point it was non stop requests for like 3 hours. After I declined I didn’t receive another request for and hour and 48 mins!!! Today same thing, non stop requests for 2 or 3 hours straight, then I’m on a trip for $5.86 and after sitting at Chipotle for 20 mins I decided to cancel, and I know I can call support and get my $3 comp but that’s another 20 or 30 mins of my time. Here I sit an hour and 22 mins later and not a single request. Idk what the deal is but it happens to me over and over.
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2021.10.23 16:56 OzonjoPrime Moving to Omaha soon, seeking a room for rent

Hi folks... I'll be arriving in Omaha on November 6th, in an attempted move from Portland, OR (Yes, "There"... pretty much P'landia.) I am a retired Physician Assistant, reader, philosopher, musician (most work can be done with headphones), generally quiet sort, seeking a room for rent up to about $500 inclusive. The setting can be a shared "communal" house or apartment, or a solo setting as long as cooking is available. Income guarantee and references are available. I'd like to try to arrange something before my arrival, difficult I know, but would be happy to set up some visiting appointments beginning November 6th.
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2021.10.23 16:56 emojikittyz Chicken

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2021.10.23 16:56 homoramapithecus Poggers in 1864

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2021.10.23 16:56 Thalana Never modded Skyrim before and can I just say, holy shit is it ever confusing

Look up an ENB, see that it requires X number of mods, to which those mods require X number of mods, to which knowing the loading order is not concrete or clear. Animation mods equal the same course, of X number of mods, reliant on X number of other mods, as do texture mods, etc, until eventually I have dozens of mods and I'm worried they aren't in the right order and I'm wondering if the 5 different lighting mods I need (that I apparently need) are conflicting with each other.
It's such a jumbled mess XD. I'm not sure I'll ever get to actually playing the game at this rate of troubleshooting, so I'm trying to find a concrete guide revolving around Rudy, Silent Horizons or Re-Engaged.
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2021.10.23 16:56 my_names_clove Ayo WHAT?

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2021.10.23 16:56 Shoes4CluesMob blursed stickhandling

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2021.10.23 16:56 meligroot Guess who just ate spinach?🦜🧐

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2021.10.23 16:56 jbrennan36 Stellantis And Samsung SDI Announce Battery Joint Venture In NA

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2021.10.23 16:56 skeletor2945 Walmart username

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2021.10.23 16:56 108pranava I have a scholarship to give out.

Please dm me.
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2021.10.23 16:56 SON_OF_DIDDY Hot Take: High FOV is not an advantage

It's just a personal preference. The higher your FOV, the more you see on your screen, but everything becomes smaller.
Lower FOV makes enemy character models nice and thicc and easier to aim at. If you have decent game sense, you don't need higher FOV. Hence why the majority of CSGO and many RS Siege players play on 4:3 aspect ratio, which cuts their FOV.
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2021.10.23 16:56 Distinct_Eagle3680 I can finally max out scorpion, and kotal khan

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2021.10.23 16:56 Lostpathway My chainsaw now serves Saruman, as is fitting.

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2021.10.23 16:56 PlentyNothings These 17% off codes are unique to the season!! Any one Discount code - "TINAOCT" or "KWIJEU4" or "PREBF21" or "DRDRAY" with Rewards code "JAZA4793"

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